Minister holds talks with UNICEF Country Representative to Ethiopia.

(24 February 2023) H.E Dr. ErgogieTesfaye, Minister of Women and Social Affairs hosted Dr. AboubacarKampo,UNICEF country representative to Ethiopia to talkon the continuity of cooperation in humanitarian assistance at her office.


The Minister thanked UNICEF for the forefront contribution of humanitarian assistance that had been made so far especially at the conflict and drought affected area. She also hopped that this strong cooperation would be strengthening.


H.E Dr. Ergogie briefed the mandate and responsibility of the ministry encompassing the social protection of women, children, youth, persons with disabilities, elderly, migrant returnees and destitute people. Hence, UNICEF is one of the stakeholders that made a multilateral cooperation especially on children’s issues and this has to be strengthening in the future, particularly the current drought at Oromiya region, Borena area and conflict regions of Ethiopia are much more support needed from stockholders, like UNICEF, she said.


H.E state Minister Mrs.AyelechEshate also thanked the UNICEF for their contribution and commitment it made. She also call upon UNICEF to enhance its support for the children who became disable because of the war and as well as on family to save children being at home from the foundation, she added.


Dr. AboubacarKampo,on his part has expressed UNICEF’s program and hopped the cooperation would be strengthen more than ever  and support on the important agenda of social affairs, he said.

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