Minister held a bilateral discussion with WFP Ethiopia Country Representative.

(Addis Ababa, Feb 24, 2023) H.E ErgogieTesfaye (PhD) Minister of Women and Social Affairs held discussion with H.EMr. Claude Jibidar, World Food Program country representative and country director to Ethiopia.

H.E Dr. Ergogie welcomed his Excellency Mr. Claude Jibidar in her office and updated on the progress of What WFP is doing and identified further intervention areas such as the current draught happened in Oromia region, Borena area and as well as the conflict zone of the country.  In addition, her Excellency expressed the detail duties and responsibility of the ministrythat comprise the social protection of women, children, youth, elders, persons with disabilities and destitute activities.

The discussion was focused to work on the joint activities such as supporting school children feeding, especially at conflict areas, rulerwomen skill training, sharing experience on women empowerment and leadership and others social agendas are some of the focused area.

Social capital is a foundation of all development and Ethiopia needs to have good experience of other countries how they manage their social activities, she said. Since social issues are a multi-sartorial task, mobilizing resources for social challenges couldn’t be covered by the government alone and a support from different government and non government organization should be part of social corporate responsibility, she added.

His Excellency,Mr.Claude Jibidar, on his part expressed that he would try all his best tosupport on social issues especially on children of future generation to attain their school through school feeding, ruler transformation especially ruler women empowerment are the priorities of their agenda.

On discussion they agreed to work in collaboration to minimize social problem as much as possible.Finally, H.E Dr. Ergogie appreciated the unreserved support of WFPfor the commitment it has.

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