Minister Ergoige Tesfaye(PHD) Discusses Sanitary Pad Project with French Ambassador Remi Marechaux and his delegates

Ergoige Tesfaye, (PHD) the Minister for Women and Social Affairs, engaged in a high-level discussion with the esteemed French Ambassador to Ethiopia, regarding an important project focused on sanitary pads. The meeting aimed to explore the potential impact of the project on girls’ lives while addressing crucial aspects such as affordability, accessibility, and sustainability.

Minister Ergoige Tesfaye(PhD), expressed her enthusiasm for the project and acknowledged its potential to bring about a massive positive impact, particularly for girls who currently face challenges in accessing sanitary pads. H.E further pledged to engage in discussions with the Ministry of Health to explore potential collaborations and solutions to tackle this pressing issue.

The Minister’s dedication to addressing the affordability and accessibility of sanitary pads among girls highlights the commitment of the Ethiopian government to prioritize the education and well-being of its future generations.

During the discussion, the French delegates Remi Marechaux and his delegates expressed their commitment to improving the lives of young girls by ensuring that sanitary pads are affordable, easily accessible, and environmentally sustainable.

Recognizing the adverse consequences faced by girls who are forced to drop out of school due to the unaffordability of sanitary pads, the delegates emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue. This collaborative effort between Ethiopia and France holds the promise of creating a sustainable and inclusive environment, ensuring that no girl is left behind due to a lack of access to basic necessities


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