State of the World Population 2024 Report in Ethiopia was launched

In a grand event held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the State World Population 2024 report was officially launched yesterday. The esteemed occasion saw the presence of high-ranking officials and dignitaries, including the State Minister of Women and Social Affairs, H.E. Muna Ahmed, who delivered a compelling keynote speech.

During her address, H.E. Muna Ahmed emphasized that population growth should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat. She highlighted that if managed and planned effectively, population growth can become a catalyst for socio-economic development. It serves as a valuable source of human capital, essential for enhancing productivity, fostering innovation, and driving progress in science and technology.

However, H.E. Muna Ahmed cautioned that if population growth is not properly managed and empowered, it can hinder socio-economic development, sustainability, and national stability. To address this, she emphasized the need to invest in and empower citizens, enabling them to contribute socially, economically, and politically for the betterment of humanity. Furthermore, H.E. Muna Ahmed announced that the Ministry considers the 2024 global population report as a guiding tool for strategic planning and rethinking approaches. The aim is to uplift women and youth from poverty, ensuring sustainable development and equitable opportunities for all.

In her remarks, H.E. Ambassador Minata Samate Cessouma, Commissioner for Health, Humanitarian Affairs, and Social Development at the African Union, hailed the report as a cornerstone in our collective understanding of global population dynamics and their profound impact on Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Koffi Kouame, Country Representative for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), expressed high commendation for the Ethiopian government’s efforts in achieving remarkable results. The country has successfully reduced unintended pregnancy rates, maternal mortality rates, new HIV infections, and increased the proportion of women serving in parliaments.

The launch of the State World Population 2024 report marks a significant milestone in Ethiopia’s pursuit of sustainable development and inclusive growth.


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